Ludy Europy Wschodniej

My trips to East Ukraine resulted in acquisition of brilliant materials for my proseminary paper and then for my master theses. I have not only gained knowledge of scientific literature and a possibility to see interesting archaeological materials, but I also could work on some archaeological sites, as a trainee-student and later as a co-ordinator.

My research trips were connected with travelling within the Donetsk Oblast, because travelling was and is still my passion. I have seen places that have never been touched by human activity.

I have decided to continue my research pilgrimage not only because of my interests and will to possess knowledge, but also because of great people I have met on my way and who influenced my life and with whom the cooperation I would like to continue.

For the support on the Polish side, I thank:

Prof. Jan Chochorowski, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University for his benevolence and material help in my trips as trainee, for enabling me to prepare my master theses on the subject I have chosen and in the organization of the research project that I am preparing during my studies as a candidate for a doctor's degree, for a proposition of cooperation and the initiative for signing an agreement on scientific exchange between: the Institute of Archaeology of the Jagiellonian University and the Regionam Museum in Donetsk.

Jacek Poleski, PhD, my supervisor, for his benevolence and support for my ideas and projects, linked with my doctorate, as well as the cooperation with the Ukrainians.

For the support on the Ukrainian side, I thank:

Mr Yevgeny Ivanovitch Denisenko, the Director of the Regional Museum in Donetsk, for his benevolence, financial support of all our projects, for material help in the expedition to Majaki site in 2005 and financial contribution to the expedition Komsomolskii Podsiołok 2008 connecting archaeological research and maintenance, for his openness and acceptance of all my plans and research projects in preparation,

Mr Vladimir Constantinovitch Grib and his wife, Natasha for help in gathering materials for my PhD dissertation, for benevolent advice and help in searching for more sources, for a proposition of cooperation and support for my plans concerning further scientific cooperation in the region of Donetsk.I thank for immediate help during research season 2008 and opening the authorial sites Drużnoie and Lidino (Volnovakhskiy and Telmanovskiy region within Donetsk Oblast) to stationary research.

My friends, Nikolai and Natasha Skliarovy, for help in the organization of the research expedition to Majaki in 2005, the research expedition in 2006, co-organisation and reliable support during the Komsomolskyi Podsiolok expedition in 2008, for hospitality and benevolence I may always find in them.

My friends, Alina and Yuri Koval, for a hospitable home, which has always been open for us, great hearts, help in the organization of student practices (Antonovka 2001), help in organization and participation in the research expedition to Majaki in 2005 and support for my ideas.

My friends, Olga Kyzym and Sergei Khozin, for benevolence and help, as well as the organization of tourism expeditions around the region of Donetsk.

We thank Slava Pobiedov for help, great willingness to co-operate, worthy advice and giving us a lot of interesting information during our surface research in Summer in 2008.

I thankSasha Gratshov for logistic support of the Komsomolskiy Podsiołok expedition in 2008. If only I could meet only people like Alexander, who understand very well the problems linked to work in an area remote from civilisation, who react swiftly and effectively in the difficult reality of East Europe.

My friend, Alexander Victorovitch Kolesnik, PhD, whom I have met in 2000, during the excavation on Prince Joseph site in Cracow, as he invited me to East Ukraine (Antonovka site in 2001 and 2002, Sidorovo site in 2003) for practices, which allowed me to visit rich archaeological sites (Stara Laspa, Kozacha Pristan, Chamutovskaya Step, Nadazovie, Vydylyche) and I me honourable seniors of archaeology in Ukraine: medievalists, Mr Kosikov and Mr Yevglieneevsky as well as Mr and Mrs Privalovy, splendid archaeologists. I owe Alexander that he directed my interests linked with the Middle Ages of Europe not to the West, as I have imagined before, but to the East, in an ethnic crucible, culturally enriched by the waves of the nomads. I thank him for help in the organization of my expeditions, of which the objective was a query in libraries, linked with gathering the materials for my master theses, and finally for help in acquiring literature and materials.

Tania Kolesnik, for her open and hospitable hours, in which I was always cordially welcome, no matter if I was accompanied with fellow students, who participated in my practices or if I arrived to Donetsk with my husband in private.

Tatianie Wiktorownie i ¶p Leonidowi Vasilievich Iliashenkom for help in logistics and care, which they shown me and my fellow students every time during the practices and also Tatiana Victorovna for help and benevolence in organization of the research expedition to Majaki in 2005, as well as in Donetsk and the Velikoanadolsk Forest in 2006.

Mr Vladimir Victorovitch Davidenko and his wife, for benevolent hospitality, help during the archaeological practices (Sidorovo 2003), help in acquisition of literature for my master theses and the organization of trips during our stay in Uroczysko Wydyłyche in 2004, which enabled us to see all archaeological and historical sites in the region of Krasniy Liman.

Mr Eduard Yevgenievitch Kravtchenko, for all valuable information he gave me during the student practices (Kozacha Pristan 2002), for the organization of trips during our stay at Vydylyche in 2004, for guiding me to the subject, which I may use in my PhD dissertation. I thank for the proposition of carrying out archaeological research together and the organization of the expedition to Majaki in 2005 and also for help in gathering the literature for my master theses and PhD dissertation.

I thank the Ensemble of the Archaeologists from the Donetsk Regional Museum: Mrs Olga Privalova, Mr Valery Kuzin, Mr Yuri Polidovitch, Vitaly Cymidanov, Vyacheslav Podobied, Anatoly Usatchuk and an artist, Alexander Cune for benevolence and help I have expierience each time I stay in Donetsk.

I thank also :

My husband, Mirosław for his belief in my plans and dreams linked with the organization of archaeological research in the East, which he helps me to make come true, as he helps me with material means and personal involvement in my research projects, my Parents and Parents-in-Law for support, help and patience, Ania Zych-Szablowskiej, without whom our long journeys would have never been possible.