Ludy Europy Wschodniej

In 2001, in Summer, I have travelled to East Ukraine for the first time. I was invited by Alexandr Kolesnik, an employee of the Regional Museum in Donetsk and the Donetsk State University, a specialist focused in particular on Middle Palaeolithic.

During the following years, my journeys to Ukraine were linked with practice on the archaeological sites connected with diverse periods or with the will to obtain sources needed for my master theses. Another motivation was the will to look at East Ukraine from the point of view of modern history and to understand the mentality of the peoples co-existing there in harmony, despite the awareness of their cultural, religious and ethnic diversity they have. The traditions that are still alive in the provinces, linked with religious and folk rituals, of which the origins may be traced back to often distant past.

The archaeological sites, on which I have worked, or which I had the opportunity to visit, during my consecutive sojourns and excursions enriched my knowledge by new information, concerning the cultural situation on the Black Sea steppes, reassured me in the decision linked with the choice of the subject for my master theses and the shift of my interest to East Europe.The following years allowed me to gather publications and to study the available archaeological materials. They also resulted in further co-operation with the centre in Donetsk.


2001 - Antonovka site – Middle and Late Palaeolithic

2002 - Cosatsha Pristan site – multicultural site (Bronze Age, Early Middle Ages, Modern period - 17th century),            

         - Stara Laspa site – multicultural site (Mesolithic, Neolithic, Iron Age, the Golden Horde) Ordy)

         - Antonovka site – Middle Palaeolithic

2003 - Sidorovo site – Early Middle Ages

Private trips:

2002 - Khamutovskaya Steppe Reserve, Priazov

2004 - Urotshisko Vidilikhe site – multicultural site (Middle and Late Palaeolithic, Bronze Age, Early Middle Ages),            archaeological sites in proximity of Slavianskiy and Krasnolimanskiy

Stationary research:

2005 - Mayaki site - early Middle Ages, the Golden Horde Period.

2008 - Druzhnoie site - early Middle Ages

Surface research:

2006 - Komsomolski Podsiolok site - Bronze Age, early Middle Ages

2008 - Lidino site - Bronze Age.